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Article: The Importance of Wearing a Medical Scrub

The Importance of Wearing a Medical Scrub

The Importance of Wearing a Medical Scrub

Love them or hate them; medical scrubs are essential for healthcare professionals. It’s a unanimous uniform in all healthcare establishments. Because of its various benefits, you should be wearing a medical scrub while performing duties in a medical facility.  

You shouldn’t be spending an arm and leg on a medical scrub. You can get a high-quality medical scrub at half the price of name brands from a uniform store. Let’s talk about some of the important reasons you should be wearing medical scrubs while working in a medical office 

Benefits of Wearing Scrubs 

  • Protects You from Harmful Contaminants  

Often times when treating patients, bodily waste or fluids may unexpectedly transfer onto your clothes. Bodily fluids like urine, stool, vomit, and blood can be identified on a medical scrub easily compared to other types of fabric. High-quality medical scrubs worn by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are made from a much thicker fabric. This ensures that no harmful contaminants make contact with the your skin.  

The best medical scrubs feature antimicrobial properties, which prevents the passage of harmful contaminants and eliminates body odor. A medical scrub is the perfect accommodation for any individual working in the medical field.  

  • Easy to Clean 

Medical scrubs are usually made out of thick, durable fabric to prevent any wear and tear. IguanaMed scrubs are not only made from high-quality fabric, it is also sustainable (75% modal, a material made exclusively from beech trees)Check out our article on The Many Benefits of Modal FabricMost of the healthcare settings have dedicated laundries to sterilize and wash medical scrubs. The products used in such laundries are much more effective than regular detergents. However, you can still clean your scrubs in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to properly clean your medical scrubs here.  

  • Enhance The Range of Movement 

Healthcare professionals have physically straining duties. They’re usually on their feet all day long, which is why it's important to find scrubs that are not only durable but also provide the ultimate comfort. Wearing comfortable scrubs help them perform better and provide optimum free range of movement. In most medical facilities, medical scrubs are essential nursing apparel because they’re accessible and tend to fit different body types.

IguanaMed scrubs feature IguanaFlex Technology which has an incredibly soft feel, is wrinkle resistant, fade resistant, and contains moisture-wicking properties. It is also made from a two-way stretch poplin fabric that allows for more flexibility. Don’t worry about popped seams any longer! 

  • Made to be Functional  

Medical scrubs tend to have large pockets providing a broader compartment space. Why is this important? Healthcare professionals can carry essential equipment like a stethoscope, pulse monitor, oxygen monitor, and pens easily. High-quality medical scrubs feature elements of fashion, comfort, and functionality. Not to mention, they can carry all of your snacks.  


Medical scrub is a unanimous uniform for all healthcare professionals. When healthcare workers wear medical scrubs, they are easily identified by their profession. Patients and their attendants can identify doctors, nurses, and other paramedic staff much more easily. Medical scrubs help with better identification and classification of medical workers. Find out why IguanaMed scrubs are an excellent choice for nurses, doctors, and paramedics. 


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