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What Makes Us IguanaMed

Read about our story, our drive, and our commitment to serving you

Our History

Established in 2007, IguanaMed has been outfitting medical professionals in highly fashionable and sustainable scrubs for over a decade.

Originally, IguanaMed was based in Chicago, Illinois but since our relaunch in 2019, our headquarters have moved to Southern California where we still have the privilege of helping healthcare providers find a set of high-quality scrubs.

While our location has changed, our brand, what we stand for, and our commitment to serving the healthcare community has not.

Our Mission

IguanaMed has continually evolved to discover the best ways to serve medical professionals. However, our mission has always remained the same:
To outfit the world's medical superheroes in the finest medical apparel in the world.

What We Do

We are, and have always been, focused on creating high-performance and long-lasting scrubs that don't sacrifice style for comfort and fit.

We believe performance starts with what you wear. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you perform even better.

We are committed to providing healthcare providers with fashion-forward scrubs at the best possible value, so that everyone can look good, feel good, and do good.

Why the name IguanaMed

Our company was founded by 2 fiery friends. One of the founders grew up surrounded by doctors. When his dad would come home in his jade green scrubs, he would always think that his dad deserved more color in his life.

From a young age, founder Lilien always had vivid dreams. One night, he dreamt of an iguanodon in scrubs. That dream developed into a fascination with vibrant colors, textures, fabrics, and led to the beginning of IguanaMed.

The Design

Our design team is continually inspired by progressive athletic apparel and emerging fashion trends. IguanaMed Scrubs are designed to fit and flatter your figure, because we believe that everyone should feel empowered in what they wear.

Through studying different textiles, reviewing community feedback, and trial and error, we have developed fabrics that improve our scrubs' comfort, fit, and function.

We developed our latest fabric, IguanaFlex, for the modern medical professional. Its soft, wrinkle-resistant, 2-way stretch fabric make it optimal for long shifts.