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Article: The Benefits of Wearing Modal Fabric Scrubs

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The Benefits of Wearing Modal Fabric Scrubs

Not many people have heard of 'modal.' You might even be wondering what it is, which is probably why you are here. This material is made exclusively from the pulp of beech trees, which makes it eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Modal fabrics were first treated in Japan in the year 1951 and were first marketed in 1964. Modal has become very popular and is highly wanted by every textile buyer, leading to a surge in the number of manufacturers who are more eager to produce the fabric. This popularity is traced to the advent of modal scrubs that have now enhanced the quality of scrubs; making them better than they have ever been.

What makes modal so popular?

Modal is a fabric with characteristics that wouldn't have been thought possible before the 1950s. But like any great invention, modal has done a lot more than just prove to be a sustainable fabric; it has completely transformed the textile world.

What are the characteristics of Modal?

There are a number of characteristics for modal which we have earlier mentioned that makes it such a great fabric. These characteristics are:

  1. Incredibly soft feel: Modal is a very soft fabric that when touched, it tends to give off the same texture as silk or very comfortable sheets. Almost like wearing your pajamas to work (who can say no to that?)
  2. Wrinkle resistant: Modal tends to be more resistant to wrinkles. This is mainly because of the way it is produced in the factories, which undergoes an extensive process to produce high quality scrubs. Imagine the beauty of a light weight fabric that does not crease, that's the dream!
  3. Moisture-wicking: Modal features moisture-wicking properties that not only keep you dry and comfortable all day long it is more breathable than cotton. No more drenching in your own sweat! With modal, heat is rarely felt, but instead leaves the fabric feeling cool to the touch.
  4. Absorbent: This fabric works brilliantly with dye! That is, it absorbs dye much more easily than other fabrics, therefore creating bright, vibrant colors when dyed. Since modal is more absorbent, your scrubs will be more resistant to fading, keeping your bright colored scrubs looking brand new with each wash!
  5. Resistant to shrinkage: Nobody likes scrubs that shrink every time you put them in the wash. Modal is more resistant to shrinking in comparison to cotton. This is due to the strength of the fibers in modal. The stronger the fibers the more resistant your scrubs will be to shrinking.  

How to Take Proper Care of Modal

Modal is similar to cotton materials in many ways and as a result, the same guidelines for cleaning cotton can be used for modal. Modal is suitable for washing at any temperature level. This is another advantage that it has over other fabrics. However, it is advised to check the specific washing instructions on the tag. As some articles of clothing may not be 100% modal, and features other materials that may not be resistant to shrinking and require special treatment.

It is recommended to limit the use of chlorine bleach as it will weaken the strength of the fibers of modal and will also make it more prone to fading. Weak solutions are also not recommended in the case of stain removal or whitening. It is instead advised to use oxygenated bleaches. Soak in the solution for two hours and rinse.

Do not use high temperatures when drying. A low or medium temperature is preferable. 

How to Iron Modal Scrubs

Modal fabrics may need ironing to look smooth. Though it is resistant to wrinkles, doesn't necessarily mean it is wrinkle-free! However, if the modal fabric is blended or with some special treatments, you won't need to iron at all. This makes modal as an easy-care fabric. If you do need to iron the fabric, the iron must should not be set at high temperatures; in fact, a very low heat level is advised. Since it has very similar properties to cotton, it would be recommended to use the same settings for modal. 

Should I wear modal scrubs?

Absolutely! They are the perfect accommodation for anyone who works in the medical field; provides the ultimate comfort and durability needed to keep up with your line of work!

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