So you are a nurse and you want to look different and unique from the rest when you go to work, but all nurses are obliged to wear nursing scrubs  to work. Don't worry about that there are several ways that you can customize your scrubs to have the different kind of look that you will like to it to have. We are going to give you some few ideas on what to do and how to go about the customization of your nursing scrubs.


You can embroider something on your scrubs

You've decided that you want to look different from others. You want to look different even if you are dressing like everyone else. Well, you can start by embroidering something on your scrubs top. This could be your name, your medical office name, or whatever makes you happy.


You can print on your scrubs

If you want to customize your medical scrubs why not print something on it, of course something that is appropriate remember you are a nurse. Think of something really cool that you can print. You can even print a cartoon character on it to cheer up the kids when you come in contact with them, with that i am sure you'll be the number one nurse and the kids’ favorite. You can decide if you want to print something on both the Scrubs top  and pants or just the top alone. If you are looking to showcase your style, this is guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd.  


You can add a zipper to your scrubs

If you want your scrub to outshine the other nurses scrub you can add a zipper it's definitely going to make your scrub stand out, you can add a zipper at the front of the scrub cutting through the center. You can decide however you want to add the zipper; horizontal, vertical, diagonal, whatever you like! The great part is you can customize your scrubs however you want and no one can judge you for it.  


You can add extra pockets on your scrub pants

You may like to add some more pockets on your scrub to give it a military look or a different style from the rest, these deep pockets will even come in handy to help you carry more personal items (such as your phone, ID, wallet, etc.). You can even add pockets at each side of your sleeves. Adding more pockets on your scrub top will give it an outstanding look, while giving you more places to hold your personal items.


You can add a military style epaulette

Epaulettes are a shoulder piece or decoration used to determine rank by armed forces and other organizations. Imagine having a military style epaulette on your nursing scrubs, it's not only an eye-catching addition to plain scrubs, it also serves as a symbol of your position; representing your determination to save lives and serve your community, as a Health Hero. If you are already a fan of the military-style clothing minus the camouflage, this is a great option. 


You can add extra buttons on it

Buttons can definitely give your scrub a different kind of look depending on where you place them. Maybe you want to add a pop of color to your scrubs or lab coats, or maybe you want to use it to close your scrubs pockets to prevent any of your personal items from falling out. Or maybe you don't like the color your scrubs came with and want another style or color. Whatever you choose to do with your buttons, it is not only practical, it will also make your scrubs stand out from the generic styled scrubs. 


You can DIY them

Lastly, you can always decide to DIY your scrubs as it gives it a more colorful look that no one will be able to ignore each time you pass by. You can decide the type of DIY look you want whether it is a deep V-neckline, or shorter sleeves, the possibilities are endless! 

These are just some of the ideas we could come up with to help you express your style at your place of work. Feel free to let us know of any other ideas we should add by sending us an email.

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