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Article: 5 Essentials to Get You Through Your Shift

5 Essentials to Get You Through Your Shift

5 Essentials to Get You Through Your Shift

For so many people, the past year has been incredibly challenging when it comes to working long and demanding shifts. If you find yourself regularly working long shifts or unusual hours, keep reading as we share our top five essentials to get you through even the most challenging work shift. 

A Large Water Bottle 

Regardless of whether you are working through the day or night, staying hydrated is critical to remain alert and focused throughout your shift. A large water bottle will allow you to hydrate without worrying about finding the nearest water fountain when you’re in a rush. We always recommend sticking to water as much as possible, but we don’t blame you if you end up getting that cup of coffee to stay awake. 

Comfortable Scrubs 

High-quality scrubs are essential for any long shift and can make a significant difference in the way you look, feel, and ultimately, perform. IguanaMed offers a wide range of styles to ensure that everyone finds a pair of scrubs to fit their needs. It’s important to be able to perform the responsibilities of your role without any restrictions, so we encourage you to invest in a quality pair of scrubs. 

Pack Snacks

There’s nothing worse than being caught short without a snack when you have a break. We know how demanding your shift can be, and sometimes you don’t get the chance to sit down for your lunch or dinner. For that reason, we recommend always keeping a few snacks in your bag, which can offer you the fuel you need to get through a few more hours. Read the “Healthy and Balanced Diet” section in our Self-Care Practices for the Medical Professional blog for more advice. 

High-Quality Footwear

When you’re working such a physically demanding job and need to be on your feet all day long, a good pair of shoes can make or break your shift. Make sure you wear shoes that protect your feet from injuries while also supporting your feet while standing up all day. Pair your shoes with compression socks to increase circulation and prevent swelling for maximum comfort. It’s well worth spending a little bit more on footwear that will fit you properly than come home with aching and blistered feet. 

Something to Keep You Entertained 

We all enjoy different forms of entertainment but choosing a good book or an upbeat playlist for your shift can make a massive difference to your mood. While most shifts require you to run all over the place without much time to sit down and relax, there are the odd days where you find yourself with little to do. Try to keep your mind and body awake by bringing some form of entertainment to work to stop you from falling asleep in the break room. 


When you come prepared for your shift with comfortable scrubs, food, and entertainment, you'll find that even the longest shifts can be much more enjoyable. By preparing your bag for work in advance with all these items, you’ll be ready to tackle any challenges that come your way at work during your next day or night shift.

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