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Article: How To Remove Scrub Stains

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How To Remove Scrub Stains

It is a known fact that medical scrubs are highly prone to stains due to the type of jobs they are used in. Stains are almost impossible to avoid in hospital as contact between patients and nurses happen on a frequent basis. 

What can stain the scrub?

There are different ways in which you can get stains on your scrub. Stains occur most times by accident. However, some coon ways your scrub can get stained are:

  1. Blood stains which are the most common and most likely to have, as nurses deal with blood everyday
  2. Sweat stains which can result from constant working or walking during office hours. These stains are obvious in the armpits of the cloth
  3. Vomit stains are unexpected but it happens. It contains solid and acidic materials and to avoid ruin on your cloth, you must take care of such stain immediately
  4. Urine or feces stains which can cause discoloration if not dealt with immediately
  5. Coffee stains which are almost unavoidable as coffee is taken to keep one awake and alert at work
  6. Pen or Ink Stains are gotten when you put uncovered pen in the pocket of your medical uniform
  7. Liquid stains which might also cause discoloration and gotten from administration of drugs to patients.  

Are there scrubs that are splash resistant?

The answer is yes! There are certain scrubs that can resist splash or stain which off-the-shelf scrubs are susceptible to. They are known as high end scrubs” 

Why high end scrubs is recommended

One very important reason why high end scrubs is the best to use is that they are a sure way to avoid stains because their “treatment” is splash resistant. Splash resistant materials are not susceptible to any form of liquid stains. Apart from this, they have wide range of benefits.

IguanaMed modal scrubs are a good choice. The presence of their antimicrobial and water resistant fabric gives it the fluid resistance capability without interrupting comfort level of the wearer. You can test for this by pouring water on parts of the fabric. You will see that water will runoff the sides of the fabric instead of staying on them.

Though these types of medical scrubs tend to be more expensive, they are more durable which makes them a wise choice for investment. Also, they are pathogen-resistant as they prevent microorganisms.

Furthermore, because modal has moisture-wicking properties, no one will be able to tell when you are sweating in vivid places such as the armpits. Their moisture reduction ability helps in building up air circulation within the body.  

Techniques for removing stains off your scrub

Just as various types of stain exist, so is there a fix for each. The most important thing to know is that stains should be dealt with as soon as they occur. Here are some tips one can use for stain removal:

  • For blood stains, your best bet is the usage of hydrogen peroxide. You just have to apply immediately and directly on the stain. Another option is the use of vinegar; just pour a small amount on the stain. If the blood is already dry on the scrub, just soak the affected the affected part in vinegar until it disappears. One more option to consider is the use of lemon juice; you just have to squeeze some lemon juice on the stain, and then take it out to dry; adding salt to the lemon juice hastens the process.
  • For ink stains, apply alcohol on it when still fresh, works wonders. You just need to saturate the stain in alcohol for at least 30 minutes then use sponge that has been soaked in cold water to lift it up after. Toothpaste is also a good material for stain removal; apply it to the affected part and leave it for 30 minutes, thereafter, wash it off with cold water and ensure that you also try to rub the toothpaste in as you are rinsing it.
  • In the case of coffee stains, just use tissue paper to absorb the liquid so that it does not spread and dry
  • To remove vomit stains, pre-treat your scrub before washing it. Baking soda also helps in tackling offensive smell; you just have rub a small amount of it on stain before pre-treatment
  • For urine and feces stains, pouring a little amount of hydrogen peroxide on it does the trick.



In order not to render your scrub useless, make sure you don’t soak in hot water as the stains may stick to the cloth especially when it comes to blood stains. In case your uniform is stained, just apply any of the techniques above and you are good to go!

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