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August 05, 2019

So you are a nurse and you want to look different and unique from the rest when you go to work, but all nurses are obliged to wear nursing scrubs to work. Don't worry about that there are several ways that you can customize your scrubs to have the different kind of look that you will like to it to have. We are going to give you some few ideas on what to do and how to go about the customization of your nursing scrubs.


You can embroider something on your scrubs

You've decided that you want to look different from others. You want to look different even if you are dressing like everyone else. Well, you can start by embroidering something on your scrubs top.You can put whatever you want on it, be it your name, or another person's name. Just put whatever makes you happy on it, it could even be something that motivates you, a date, or a memory.


You can print on your scrubs

If you want to customize your medical scrubs why not print something on it, of course something that is appropriate remember you are a nurse. Think of something really cool that you can print. You can even print a cartoon character on it to cheer up the kids when you come in contact with them, with that i am sure you'll be the number one nurse and the kids’ favorite. You can decide if you want to print something on both the Scrubs top and pants or just the top alone.


You can add a zip to your scrubs

If you want your scrub to outshine the other nurses scrub you can add a zip it's definitely going to make your scrub stand out, you can add a zip at the front of the scrub cutting through the center. You can decide how ever you want to add the zip, you can come up with your own unique style, it sure is going to make your scrub top notch and will be impossible for you to pass by without being noticed.


You can add extra pockets on your scrub pant

You may like to add some more pockets on your scrub to give it a military look or a different style from the rest, these pockets will even come in handy to help you carry some extra stuffs. You can also add pockets at each side of your sleeves to make it look even better. Adding more pockets on your scrub top will give it an outstanding look. If being different is what you like this will definitely make you look different as a nurse.


You can add a military style epaulette

Imagine having a military style epaulette  on your nursing scrubs it will make you more of a hero, you'll be representing two jobs that are focused on saving lives and bringing more value to our communities. This is a good idea for you in case you're are a big fan of the military and you just happen to be a nurse. Feel free to combine both you're a super hero for doing nursing after all.


You can add extra buttons on it

Buttons can definitely give your scrub a different kind of look depending on where you place them. Adding buttons will make your scrub really good looking depending on where you're placing it but try to go for something different something no one really expects. You can add buttons on the sleeves, or on the pockets of your scrub top, all you need to get are your buttons am sure something creative can be done with them.


You can DIY them

Lastly you can always decide to DIY your scrubs as it gives it a more colorful look that no one will be able to ignore each time you pass by. You can decide the type of DIY look you want on it and just go for it, this will be a good way for your scrub to make a statement without saying a word.

Those are some of the ideas we could come up with to help you on your conquest, you can feel free to let us know of any other ideas we could have added. IguanaMed headquarter in Brea, CA can help you to do anything you want to with your scrubs, send them an email and explain.

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