Every year thousands of new nurses are registered all over the world. It is a well respected profession as nurses are so important to our society. So if you're one of them we'll like to congratulate you as we appreciate your services but before getting in to your work we will like to give you some tips for beginner nurses.
The first thing for you is to get the best scrub for work.
So you're a new nurse what better way is there to start your work than getting fitted scrubs  or custom tailored scrubs for best comfort for you. You need to purchase that is your size and a fitted scrub  for you, you don't need an over sized scrub or a tight one, your scrubs should be just fitting enough for you to carry out your work comfortably enough. You can also get a custom tailored scrub to have the desired looks you want.
Always feel free to ask questions
As a new nurse in the field you should always feel free to ask questions whenever you're unsure about anything. Do not stay quite or let fear get in your way of asking, you're a new nurse and can't know everything and when ever you ask you will add new knowledge to yourself. You're a nurse and you have to preserve lives so there's no question that isn't important if you're unsure.
Always pay attention to your patients
Never assume that you know it all and pay less attention by not listening to what they have to say, as a nurse you are supposed to listen to whatever your patients have to say without giving them a deft ear. You might be the nurse but they still know their body more than you.
Take care of yourself
No matter how busy you may be always remember to take care of yourself, you might be a shift nurse so always remember to rest when you are opportune you can only perform in the best condition. So remember to eat, drink water and have a good rest.
Be time conscious
If you're a new nurse you won't want to start building your reputation by being a late comer, no matter what even being a veteran in the field doesn't mean you can work in and out whenever you want. Imagine if you are a shift nurse  every second that passes by with you being late leads to you inconveniencing the people you work for, someone will have to cover up for you in your absence and you'll be inconveniencing them don't be a burden to anyone.
Always make sure to study the drug before you give to your patient
Make sure to look up each mediation in your unit's handbook, make sure you are prescribing the right drugs that they need as a nurse you need to be more cautious when doing this. You have to be sure cause there's no insurance on someone's life.
Get comfortable shoes and compression socks
As a nurse you have to invest a lot in your shoes, you'll have to walk around most of the time from one place to another to carry out your activities. Comfortable shoes will keep you on your feet for longer with little or no pain. Ill-fitting shoes are the major cause of bank pain and feet pain as experienced often by nurses. Make sure to get fitting shoes that gives your feet the freedom they need and durable shoes that will also last longer. You'll be working a lot so you should make sure your shoes are durable enough to last long, you won't want to be spending on your shoes constantly. And remember to purchase some compression socks  too.
Always be kind and friendly with your patient
As a nurse you always have to be kind and friendly when interacting with your patients, sometimes you may be cranky or be in a bad mood even though you are nurse you are only human. But whenever you are around your patient you're are the closest thing that can give them hope by the way you behave towards them, if you're ever in a bad mood just think for a while and relax. And always try to be the type of nurse you'd have loved to have when you were younger.
We hope these tips were helpful to you and you are now ready to start your career, nursing is a noble job and we just want to say thank you to our Health Heroes.